Toronto, NO, Golddigger shoot

July 18th, 2005

The last weekend of June / first weekend of July was pretty coocoo for me. I started off playing in Toronto on the Thursday, at a Jurassic 5 show. I saw J-Rocc and Madlib pop up in the crowd while I was playing — they were in town for a Stones Throw show the night before. That’s always good. And here’s a picture with my homie Pro, who was travelling with J5…

From there I flew out to New Orleans for a Kanye show at the Essence Festival. New Orleans was wild, boy. It’s always a party out there anyway, so when there’s a festival like this it just gets crazy. The hotel lobby was on and poppin’… Shout out to my woadie Spin who always looks out when I’m in town. I got to stock up on some gumbo, some shrimp creole and some po’ boys, so I was straight. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of posting up these pictures of the “this is what I see” perspective at Kanye shows. Here’s the SuperDome when it’s empty and then when it’s needing Jesus like Kathie Lee needed Regis.

On the Sunday I was supposed to play in Cleveland but the show was cancelled at the last minute due to circumstances beyond my control. Apologies to anyone in Cleveland who was keen on checking it out. Anyways, instead of Cleveland I went down to Miami where Kanye was shooting the “Golddigger” video. If you’ve heard the song, that’s me scratching on the hook, by the way. Get Down!

I couldn’t stay for the whole 3-day shoot, though, because I had to head over to New York to play at Sway on the Monday. The 4th of July spirit was in full effeezect… although I missed the fireworks because I was sound-checking. But the party was all the way live like a Pharcyde interlude. The homie Roxy hooked it up real lovely.

I judged the Toronto DMC the next Friday. Congratulations to M-Kutz who took home the bacon.

This past Wednesday I was scheduled to play at the Knitting Factory in New York (my first gig there – I was really looking forward to it) when something very unexpected happened. All flights from Montreal to New York got cancelled that day. I spent the whole day at the airport, and in the end I simply couldn’t get to New York for that show. I was flabbergasted. Anyways, apologies to anyone in New York who was going to check that out. Air Traffic Control was simply not having it that day. But as you can see on the Upcoming Shows, we’ve already rescheduled for August 12th.


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