Extra goodies!

September 03rd, 2006

I have two announcements to make.

First, I did a mixtape called “Kanye’s Soul Mixshow” (I didn’t pick the title) for this Japanese label and it just came out. I think it’s a Japan-only situation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some CDs eventually showed up on our shores. The concept is pretty simple: it’s all soul records that Kanye has sampled. So the challenge was to take all these records that happen to be linked to Kanye’s catalogue and make a good, coherent mix out of it. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Kanye hosted the whole thing. And it’s not some generic drops; he actually tells funny stories while the samples are playing. My favorite is during the Cam’Ron “Down & Out” sample, he goes into this whole thing about “this is my favorite beat that I didn’t really do”… You gotta track down the CD to get the scoop!

And second, the Sunglasses Is A Must x Cody Hudson x Sixpack t-shirts are out! If you didn’t know, Cody is an ill-ass designer and artist from Chicago and Sixpack is a French t-shirt website. For the first couple weeks the shirts are available exclusively on www.sixpack.fr (right now it’s the first one in the Shop section), but pretty soon we’ll get them to a few key spots in North America too.

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