The airlines pt.2: The Epilogue

December 29th, 2008


When we last left off I had finally landed in LA, 24 hours late on route to Australia. I was wondering if I’d ever see my suitcase, but in fact I left out a few details about my suitcase because, well, I’m superstitious and I was still travelling. 

At the beginning of the day when I went to the Chicago airport for the 2nd time, the first thing I did was go to the luggage desk and show them my bag tag. They told me my bag was already in LA and I’d see it when I got to LA before boarding the flight to Melbourne. Then as you know, I flew to Reno, spent the day at that airport and got to LA just in time for my Qantas flight. My LA to Melbourne flight was in business class, which honeslty gave me something to look forward to as I was going through hell in the first 36 hours of my trip. So I went to the business class line to grab my boarding pass and also asked them to check on my bag. The agent said he didn’t know why someone would have told me that I’d see my bag in LA. He said if it was checked until Melbourne then I wouldn’t see it until Melbourne. I explained to him that I’m a DJ and I’m going to 4 cities as soon as I land so I really can’t run any risks. He seemed to find that cool.

He called one guy and asked if he knew the status of my bag. The guy didn’t even know where my bag was. Great. He radioed someone in the luggage room and asked if they had seen my bag. The guy said no. But then Mr Luggage radioed back a minute later and said they found it. My man went down to the luggage room and brought my bag back to me and re-tagged it in front of my eyes. Yes, this is preferential treatment. And it felt good! I dropped it off at the x-ray and made my way to the gate. We were barely an hour from departure time. At the gate I ran into Wajeed and the Platinum Pied Pipers, who were on the same flight. Apparently Paris Hilton was on my flight too but I didn’t see her. 

The flight itself was awesome. I repeat, I actually enjoyed a 15 hour flight. That business class makes a world of difference. I know because I’ve done that same flight damn near 10 times in coach. Here, my seat looked like a cocoon and it could recline completely to a horizontal bed position. I slept a good 6 or 7 hours after all that hoopla. Then I set up my little work station. I wish I had pictures of this. There were 2 empty seats/cocoons next to me, and each seat has a power outlet. So I had 2 laptops plugged and running at all times, installing plug-ins on the new joint and working on the old one simultaneously. And all the while my blackberry was charging at the 3rd seat. I didn’t even watch a movie, I just worked on music, slept, ate and enjoyed the complimentary amenities kit. Still, when I landed in Melbourne I was worried about my suitcase. Sure this was a direct flight and I had just seen it but it seemed like I was a living, breathing allegory for Murphy’s law at that point. And I was right. My bag didn’t make it on the flight. 

The amount of mishaps that happened in the last couple of days seems hard to believe. But my perspective is, bad stuff can happen to anyone, what’s important is knowing how to react. When you travel as much as I do, it becomes a question of statistics and probabilities: your flights will get cancelled on important days. Your bags will get lost. It’s inevitable. It sucks, but it’s also not the hugest deal. I went to the Perks And Mini store in Melbourne and got some clothes. I went to a pharmacy and got some contact lens solution and a few essentials. My irreplaceable stuff was on me in my backpack. Let’s hope the cosmic ballet resumes soon and I get my stuff back. In the meantime, I’ve got some gigs to play.

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13 Responses to “The airlines pt.2: The Epilogue”

  1. Neoteric says:

    id highly recommend laser eye surgery, the freedom is priceless

    sounds like a great flight though, minus the missing bag

  2. caeious says:

    I definitely do not recommend laser eye surgery. Eye problems are the result of an imbalance in the physical and energetic body. Doing laser surgery will help of course but it is known that bad vision will start to set in eventually, plus there are always potential risks when it comes to surgery. Last thing you want to screw up is sight. There is a way to regain perfect sight through a holistic approach: diet of organic non-gmo whole foods, vitamins & supplements, specific eye excercises and de-stressing activities like meditation,yoga, qi gong. I recommend checking this site out:

    Anyways, at least you got to your location and most of the hassle is over. Nice last flight. Though teleportation is where its at. We all say “Sure, I want to have the ability to teleport” but I dont think so because to attain this ability one would have to completely deprogram their beliefs on the limits of reality. That means devouting a lot a lot of time to developing the minds ability to focus and stay focused. We are all still children but perhaps in time we will grow to become adults.

    Have a good time in AU. Adious.

  3. DJ Cable says:

    Damn man, that sounds like hell….Glad to hear everything’s all good…

    Those Computer Gods seem to have something against you though!

  4. blackwatch says:

    I recommend LASIK eye surgery since the vote is out there

    All the news stations, FOX CNN NBC, were reporting on the major major fuck-ups at O’hare on the 26th, 27th. I feel your pain

    I’m wondering if you are on the same tour as Aoki, he played the venue i run lights/video at in Miami on Friday and was headed over to AUS to play the festivals. He got people so frenzied up that they were throwing FULL drinks into the booth, we got soaked and my MacBook Pro took a full drink right into the keyboard….fuckers

  5. prolly one of the funniest blogs written in 09.

    favorite part…

    “I explained to him that I’m a DJ and I’m going to 4 cities as soon as I land so I really can’t run any risks. He seemed to find that cool.”

  6. jme says:

    me and 5 other frieds were at falls festival and were waiting to see your set. we were devastated when the guy came on stage and said that you weren’t playing! my mate is a dj and you were his headline act at falls!
    instead we had to listen to some guys called “playing with knives”. worst set i have ever heard!
    hopefully you’ll be back in oz sometime soon

  7. Emanuele says:

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    Have a look!!

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  9. wayne voice sound deeper in dis song

  10. Emma Scircle says:

    I have a clip from the Paris Hilton video on my website. To bad it got relased onto the internet for everyone to look at. She did not want it to be public as it was her ex Rick Salomon that released it.

  11. Anna Allen says:

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