I got the first Serato picture disk coming out!

December 31st, 2008

As you may know, Serato is from New Zealand. I just played in New Zealand last night for New Year’s Eve (midnight timeslot, holler). Well the guys told me they’d come out and bring me surprise. Ho ho ho, I didn’t expect this though! Sure I knew we were making a picture disk for Say Whoa to celebrate the release of my Running Man record (thank you Nike) but I didn’t know it was ready! And I also didn’t realize that it’s the first official Serato picture disk on their Whitelabel.net label. I’m not big on claiming credit but I guess I was the first DJ on Serato — I used to test out their beta version way before it was available commercially — so now it all came full circle.

I haven’t even tried it out yet but I believe the picture side plays Say Whoa and the other side is a Serato control tone. So the idea is, you use it as a control record and when you need to play regular vinyl to switch over with another DJ, you play my track! 

Doesn’t Dust La Rock’s artwork look spiffy on that baby? The character’s name is Mr A and he likes to run.

19 Responses to “I got the first Serato picture disk coming out!”

  1. props dude. but i thought Mad Decent’s record was gonna be their first release? or am I just confused right now

  2. caeious says:

    That is beautiful. I had no idea they could print graphics on records. It makes me want to release my own album. I wonder how they do it.

  3. Mr. La Rock says:

    The most common way to make a picture disc is to press the printed art on paper between multiple layers of vinyl. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle..

  4. Dann Ryan says:

    Are these going to be super hard to get your hands on? Another set like the purple and white control vinyls?

  5. Psyphris says:

    How will we be able to get our hands on this? Or do you get the only one? XD

  6. DJ Cable says:

    That’s a big look.


  7. DJ D-Rex says:

    Mad props! I want four!

  8. Emanuele says:

    New Lil Wayne Gatorade G commercial on http://www.livincool.com !!

    Have a look!!

  9. Nick says:

    Congrats mate….I know I’m late, but just letting you know you killed it at Field Day…LOVED how you went sctach happy over “Kid Gloves’!! Very impressive! Kudos

  10. DJ MICK says:


  11. min says:

    Can’t wait till custom serato picture disks are available!
    I’m going to make the dj i’m designing for make one imediately!
    Wanna see my artwork in one spinning roooooound and roouuuund…

    Love Monsieur Dust la Rock by the way. Great Designer.

  12. Flash & Flare says:

    Got mine coming in the mail this week they say! So excited about this. Only 1000 made baby

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  16. backcountry says:

    Just write like you’re talking to your friends. And soon, they will be :-)

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