See your computer in Kanyevision

May 15th, 2009

The smartasses over at F.A.T. (Free Art & Technology) made this code that allows you to “view the internet the way Kanye sees it”, i.e. through shutter shades. 

I think this is for PC’s. Go to their post and drag some button onto your toolbar (that sounds like a PC word) and then allegedly every time you click it you can see the compooter like Kanye! 

Actually the funniest thing when you go that page is the little player on the right where you can listen to Yeezy’s songs replayed on MIDI stock sounds.

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3 Responses to “See your computer in Kanyevision”

  1. J.ViLL says:

    Yeah, this is crazy!! – lol -

    Hey A-Trak your like my idol seriousl, can you please check these out and,
    tell me if you like or not??
    -It would be a huge honor!

    Thanks, J.ViLL

  2. jamie dubs says:

    Works great on my mac. And on Linux.

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