Not Just Yet

January 08th, 2010

Perhaps you’re aware that there has been a swirl of rumors about me producing the next Madonna album. Here is my official statement on the matter, as presented today to Pitchfork:

“Those Madonna rumors started from a joke my boy DJ Mehdi made in an interview. Then it spread to Madonna fan-sites. Then the Daily Star fabricated a quote from me. Next thing you know it was on NME and MTV. I’m not opposed to the idea, but it’s all fiction for now. By the way, DJ Mehdi is producing the next Britney record.”

This article in XXL also gets the seal of approval from me.

8 Responses to “Not Just Yet”

  1. Dantas says:

    the fact is that because of this rumor thousands of people now know his work. Madonna performs miracles. The Brazilian fans loved their sound.

    you rock!

  2. Tom Wilson says:

    OH damn!! Mehdi is producing the next Britney record ahah we better spread the great news!

  3. eddrobertson says:

    haha i bet mehdi must be laughing his socks off

  4. [...] getting out of control, A-Trak released a press statement on his blog, plus Pitchfork, XXL, and even Perez. And, in pure Trizzy form, he ended it [...]

  5. julian says:

    Word on the street is mehdi and trizzy gonna do the new 98° LP…
    just sayin’

  6. Djmadscience says:

    Doing the 98 degrees lp woud be fat

  7. DJ Cable says:

    Coulda been worse, The Daily Star could’ve also got your name wrong and called you “A-Train” lol

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